Bubble Rubble


8 oz. - Enough for three to four bubble baths | Essential oil 'Rubbles are perfect for an adult soak while our yummy scents and bright color 'Rubbles make bath playtime more fun. Bubble Rubble makes skin soft and is similar to our bath bombs; made with the same non-staining organic coloring and all hypoallergenic ingredients but with more bubble and less fizz. Sprinkle into the water stream to create the best bubble experience. 

Fruit Loops is our most popular scent that smells exactly of Fruit Loops for a lively and nostalgic soak.

Cotton Candy has the sweet aroma of spun sugar with hints of vanilla and strawberries.

Love Spell is a perfume by Victoria's Secret. 

Mermaid Glow uses colors inspired by a mermaid's tail and smells like a fruity explosion.

Oats and Honey has raw oat flecks in the mix for gentle exfoliation and smells like a buttery blend of oats, honey, milk, and vanilla.

Stress Free is one of our essential oil 'Rubbles, and blends lavender and frankincense to offer our best in stress reduction aromatherapy.

Relax is one of our essential oil 'Rubbles, and utilizes lavender, bergamot, and ylang ylang to relax the mind and body.