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About Us

Welcome to MiaJo Boutique!  

I am so thankful you found us.  My name is Darcy and not only am I the owner of this fun storefront and online boutique, but I am also the purchaser for our amazing products and lines you see.  
Believe it or not I’ve walked a few different career journeys including 13 years as an dental assistant and office manager, and almost 17 years as a massage therapist.  But enough about the past, MiaJo Boutique was formed after seeing the need from women wanting head to toe fashion options.  YOU make so many decisions throughout your day getting dressed shouldn’t be a touch decision to be sure you look trendy and chic.  We strive to have an incredible selection of size inclusive items for your work day, girls nights out, and comfy mom wear.  
You See I’m a mom of two boys Bradley (9) and Corbin (5) and I get you!  I see you wanting to look 100% like you have you life together but really just happy to have a bra on most days as you jet out the door.  We are here to serve you and make fashion as easy and fun as possible!  I am passionate about working with the community and finding needs and filling them as we can. 
What can you find at MiaJo Boutique that is different from others?
~Loyalty program that pays you back as you shop with us!
~Referral rewards, send your friends our way!
~Above and beyond customer service!
~FUN and inviting community both online and in store
~Size inclusive (small through 3XL styling)
~Exclusive shopping parties and appointments
So as you visit us please introduce yourselves we want to get to know you a little better, we love making NEW Friends!  
Here’s a little about me, let me know what we have in common!  MWF with 2 boys.  Dark hair, naturally curly but styled differently almost daily.  My daily life starts with a workout, COFFEE LOTS AND LOTS OF COFFEE, gratitude and faith devotion, then its time to get busy with the two boys, our mastiff Marley, and life.  I spend a lot of my time in the boutique, shopping for you, and keeping the backend of the boutique going.  But if I’m not working I enjoy vacationing in WARM places, fishing, anything near a lake or ocean is my LOVE!, reading (romance and mystery), I am a murder mystery junkie (podcast, books, movies, or Netflix series), crafting and upcycling furniture pieces also take up some of my creative time.
So what about you, can you relate to anything we've shared?  I bet we have more in common than we both know.